Since 1976 we have been your competent contact for the cold forming of wire, especially in the field of spring and screw production.

Spring production

Spring coiling machines

With the companies mec and Okuno we represent two Japanese spring machine manufacturers with the highest quality standards.

Our range of machines extends from compression spring, shaped spring, tension spring, ring and wave spring machines to aerial springs, flat strip spring strands, wave springs, spring strands with various coatings, ring springs, contact springs, torsion springs, magazine springs and many more.

The wire spectrum ranges from micro springs with a wire diameter of 0.007mm to 20mm with high tensile strengths. Since summer 2017 we carry the world's first micro wave spring machine in our sales range with a minimum outer diameter of 2.0mm. The largest wave spring worldwide - with an outer diameter of 1'200mm - was also produced on one of our machines. Furthermore, our tension spring machines offer the unique solution for a tension spring production with high speeds from 0.12 to 1.60mm wire diameter.

Tools for spring coiling machines

Since 2016 we offer in cooperation with the company Comtech quality tools for all spring coiling machines.

Other production machines for the spring industry

In addition to spring coiling machines, we offer other production machines for spring production such as tempering furnaces (chamber and continuous furnaces), automation systems, spring testing scales, special machine construction and used machines.


Concentricity testers

The company tosag is specialized in concentricity testing technology of highest demands. Since decades we offer Concentricity testers in cooperation with Universal Punch Corp., which have established themselves in the market as the standard for concentricity testing. In the course of time we have perfected the devices and expanded them with a modular system.

The easily and quickly adjustable roller system allows you to clamp different diameters with one type of device and test them with high accuracy of up to 0.002mm.
All dial gauge holders have a fine adjustment screw to position the gauge accurately. The devices are available manually or with drive motor.

Screw head and thread testing

In addition to crimping tools, we offer gauges for good and reject as well as depth gauges for 6-lobe (Torx®), extra (Torx Plus®) iso 10664, hexagonal, 12-point, Phillips, Pozi, Cruciform and many other screw drives.Here you can find our catalogue about all screw head gauges

Besides 2-point internal and 3-point external thread gauges we offer since 2017 Thread limit plug gauges and thread rings for metric regular and fine threads, Withworth pipe threads, uns-, unf-, npt-, NPTF threads with short delivery times.

Hand measuring equipment

Since 2016, we have been representing Insize in Switzerland, which offers quality hand measuring equipment. It is a wide range of hand measuring tools, which includes the following categories Calipers, Measuring tool sets, Micrometers, Inside micrometers, Dial gauges, Measuring tripods, Thickness gauges, Measuring tables, Radius gauges, Depth and profile gauges, Zero point systems, Roughness gauges, Microscopes, Endoscopes, Caliper, Thickness gauges and Torque wrench.

Measuring table systems

Since 2019, we represent the company Willtec, which specializes in measuring tables, in Switzerland. We now offer measuring and testing tables for perfect quality control in a wide range of industries. We now have in our assortment Testing tables for profiles, Testing tables for tubes, Test tables for plates and Test tables for length measurements as well as Length measuring stops.

Competence Center

Tosag Engineering ag is your competence centre and contact when it comes to spring production, screw production or practical measuring and testing technology.

Contact us for a personal consultation with product demonstration, for an offer or, if possible, a suitable demo unit.