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Finding a suitable caliper

For many jobs in the workshop or even in the hobby area, high precision is important. Therefore, the use of a precise measuring instrument is of great importance. With a Caliper gauge you can measure to an accuracy of 0.01 millimetres. However, there are differences in the designs. With us, you can get models for every conceivable purpose. The range extends from measuring devices for occasional use in the hobby sector to professional use in workshops.

How a workshop caliper works

With a Caliper gauge it is possible to measure not only the outside diameters of workpieces but also the inside diameters with the highest precision. In addition, depth measurements can also be carried out. Particularly important is the correct handling of a Caliper. Do not exert any particularly high force during measurement. This will distort the measurement result. The moving parts of the Caliper are only moved with moderate force. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the measuring jaws do not become misaligned during measurement

Different display options for calipers

A simple caliper is equipped with a so-called Vernier equipped. In the display area there is a graduation in ten steps. This has a length of nine millimetres. This makes it possible to measure to tenths of a millimetre. Between this graduation there are further smaller lines, with which a measuring accuracy of twentieths of a millimetre is possible. However, the reading causes some difficulties for some mechanics. The reading accuracy depends on the angle of view and the current lighting conditions. It takes a little practice to be able to measure accurately with such a workshop caliper.
Somewhat easier to read are analog calipers. When measuring, a pointer is moved which is located on a round scale. This allows the value to be read very easily and accurately. Even easier to read are digital calipers. With such a measuring device, the measured value is displayed digitally. There are versions that measure exactly to one hundredth of a millimetre. For many jobs in a professional workshop or in the field of model making, such high precision is enormously important.

The quality of calipers is important

The most frequently used calipers are the so-called Pocket calipers. These have measuring ranges of 100 to 150 millimetres Workshop calipers are also available with measuring ranges of up to 300 millimetres. Such a large measuring range of 300 millimetres is particularly advantageous because it allows even bulky workpieces to be measured very accurately. High-quality workmanship of the measuring devices is particularly important. If a workpiece is to be measured to an accuracy of tenths of a millimetre, then the clearance between the moving parts of the measuring device must of course not be greater. For this reason, many high-quality calipers are equipped with a thumb clamp. Only when this clamp is pressed with the thumb can the gauge be used. By releasing this clamp, there is no more play.
These gauges are also available in different materials. Besides the versions made of hardened tool steel there are also Calipers made of plastic. These are particularly light, but still very precise. Which material the caliper should be made of depends primarily on personal preferences.

More than just calipers: Accessories and other products at

In our online shop, we naturally offer you the matching accessories in addition to our calipers. For example, you will also find various Measuring inserts, Depth stop for caliper or Measuring bridges for depth calipers.

Alternatively, you will find in our well-stocked webshop also numerous other products in the field of Metrology No matter whether you need further devices from the category Cylindrical test equipmentor on the search for Dial gauges or Endoscopes our extensive assortment offers the suitable product for the most different projects.