Concentricity Gage

Concentricity testers from tosag for precise and fast control measurements

With a Runout tester from tosag you can, for example, check all surfaces of a round workpiece. In this way it is possible to check the coaxiality, the concentricity, the eccentricity as well as some other properties with a runout tester. We also have the right test equipment in our range for workpieces on which you want to check the impact.

If you need a particularly precise Runout tester then we also offer all models as precision versions. With these precision testers we offer a repeatability of 0.002 mm. If you do not find the runout tester you need in our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We respond to your requirements and realize special designs of Run-out testers.

The drive for the rotation tests is done by a handwheel or compact stepper motors. Our servo motors can be operated with 220 as well as with 110 volt input voltage. In addition, we also offer electric motors for 24 volts direct current. The electric motors have variable speed control and support forward and reverse rotation.

Standard and modular test equipment from tosag

For universal tasks the Standard runout testers are designed for universal tasks. They are mainly used in connection with rotationally symmetrical components. It is possible to clamp test pieces in the device without tips. Such a device can be used, for example, as a runout tester or it is possible to test the impact. Furthermore, measurements with regard to concentricity, roundness and squareness are possible. On a Runout tester any number of dial gauges can be installed. Thanks to these features you can measure different values in one run or check one property at several positions of a workpiece.

All our standard and modular gauges are designed for particularly precise measurements. They allow repeatability of between 0.002 and 0.005 mm, making them suitable for detecting even the smallest errors or deviations. At the same time our Cylindrical testers are particularly robust. Thanks to these characteristics, the test devices are suitable for precise measurements under laboratory conditions as well as for daily use in production or in workshops. We offer suitable test devices for both small and large test objects. The small runout testers are designed for parts with a diameter between 0 and 25 mm and a maximum length of 102 mm. In the larger runout testers, you can also clamp parts that have diameters of up to 102 mm and are up to 203 mm long.

The modular runout testers are characterized by their versatility. A patented two-roller system is used that adapts perfectly to the workpiece to be measured. Alternatively, the modular gauges can also be equipped with a pointed fixture. The dial gauges, on which you can read the inspection results, can be mounted vertically, horizontally, diagonally or on a swivel arm. In this way, you create an inspection workstation that adapts perfectly to your conditions.

Concentricity testers with collets for non-cylindrical workpieces

One Runout tester with collet chuck from tosag is used wherever asymmetrical or non-rotationally symmetrical test pieces are to be inspected. This can be the case in various scenarios, for example with trilobular bolts, drive shafts or parts with milled out areas. As a basis, a modular inspection system with special tongs is used. We offer different versions of the tongs so that different workpieces can be firmly fixed in the testing device.

Furthermore, you can combine such a rotary tester with a collet with most of our accessories. Likewise, thanks to the modular design principle, you are able to freely select the positions of the dial gauge, the support rollers and all other components. Thus, a runout tester with collet offers a flexible platform with which you can perform accurate measurements even on unusual workpieces. The Runout testers measure, for example, concentricity or especially eccentricity, such as on camshafts.

Concentricity testers with tailstocks

A further category is represented by the Runout testers with tailstocks represent another category. Long, round bodies can be clamped between the sliding centers in order to check them for round running and similar properties. The tips are continuously adjustable so that you can test workpieces of different sizes on one testing device.

We offer a particularly wide range of these testing devices, with which you can measure the concentricity and roundness of symmetrical workpieces. The Mini runout testers with tips are designed for workpieces with lengths between 35 and 100 mm. The tip height of this model is 40 mm. In the upper range, the large Runout testers Measuring ranges up to 1000 mm are possible and the centre height can be 90, 130, 200 or 300 mm. The large testers are made of robust cast iron. With a dead weight of 165 kg, the gauges offer high stability and are approved for workpieces weighing up to 85 kg. Even with such large workpieces, however, you measure the coaxiality and other properties with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

Suitable accessories for the runout testers

Thanks to our wide range of accessories for the testing devices, you can expand the functionality or create a special workstation. The support and dial gauge holders, for example, which are available for the modular test stations are available. Thanks to these variably adjustable holders and supports, even complex workpieces, such as drive axles with gears, can be measured very precisely and checked for correct function. In this way, a axial runout tester can be used multifunctionally or you can adapt the device exactly to the special parts you want to check.

For example, we supply support and pressure rollers in various shapes and sizes to match the run-out testers. In addition to our standard range, we also manufacture rollers to your specifications on request. In this way, you receive supports that fit your workpieces exactly. The same applies to the workpiece holders. We offer a wide range of workpiece holders with internal or external mountings. With these workpiece holders you can clamp test objects of the most varied types on the Runout testers on the concentricity testers. It is also possible to use thread support rollers. We offer a wide range of sizes from m2 to m36 as well as threads with different pitches. If you should not find the suitable support in our assortment, then you communicate your needs to us. We will manufacture adapters for you according to your requirements, so that you can use them on the Run-out testers all your workpieces on the concentricity testers. &gt