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Dial gauges in many designs

Among the most important measuring instruments in the field of mechanics are the Dial gauges. With them, even the smallest workpieces can be measured with high precision. These special Measuring devices are available in many different versions and with different measuring ranges. For this reason, both small and larger workpieces can be measured precisely. In addition, there are a lot of accessories to significantly expand the range of functions

An analog dial indicator is easy to use

The analog dial indicator has been used for many decades in many mechanical fields. These gauges are available in measuring ranges from 1.0 to 100 millimeters. Therefore, there is a suitable dial gauge for every conceivable application suitable dial gauge. The display of these gauges is by means of a pointer moving on a round scale.
The measurement is carried out with exchangeable measuring inserts. The exchangeable Measuring inserts can be spherical or conical conical. In addition, there are various Shells, Needles and Extensions are available. With the appropriate accessories, an analog dial gauge can be used many times

The digital dial gauge is easy to read

With an analogue display, there is always the risk of reading an incorrect result due to a slightly offset viewing angle. A digital dial indicator displays the measurement result in digital form. This means that no reading errors can occur. These gauges are also available in many different measuring ranges. In addition to metric measurements, measuring ranges in inches are also available

Each digital dial indicator can be equipped with the same accessories and extensions as the analogue devices. As a result, these modern gauges can also be used in a variety of ways. This includes accurate inside measurements, depth measurements, and much more.
Various tripods are also available for both the digital and analog versions. These prove to be very useful. A dial indicator attached to a tripod can be used to determine imbalances, among other things. Typical examples are work on a lathe or checking the concentricity of brake discs.

A feeler gauge or bubitaster

A Lever gauge is also called a Bubitaster referred to. Such a device is primarily used to make exact tool settings. These gauges are also available with different measuring ranges. They range from 0.2 to 1.6 millimeters. These precise devices work with a particularly high degree of accuracy.
There is of course also a large range of Accessories with which the range of functions can be extended to a considerable extent. Tripods as well as centering holders for a feeler gauge or a bubitaster are used particularly frequently.
These measuring devices are made of particularly high-quality materials. This includes, among other things, a probe tip made of hard metal. This has the advantage that this material is usually much harder than the material of the workpieces. Therefore, there is virtually no wear on the measuring tips.