Fever and mask detection

Access control with fever measurement and mask recognition incl. stand for adults
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Access control with fever measurement and mask recognition
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Access control with fever measurement and mask recognition incl. mounting bracket
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Access control with fever measurement and mask recognition incl. stand for children
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Fever and mask detection

System for automatic fever measurement of persons

Installation and operation of the access control system
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Installation and operation of the access control
In times of pandemics the concern about infections has increased extremely. Especially larger companies fear the outbreak of an infection. Examples from the media show how quickly individual cases can turn into outbreaks of infection in such an environment. Then there is the threat of company closure or the loss of many employees for unknown periods of time. This is associated with loss of production and income.

Prevention is one of the ways to effectively avoid such situations. Detect infected people specifically and as quickly as possible before the virus spreads in the company. However, the effort required for such manual checks is high. For this reason, automated systems can help to carry out large-scale temperature checks. The compact 4-in-1 system atf-1612-u from Insize is designed for exactly this task.

The system and its features

The 4-in-1 face scanner is housed in a compact case the size and shape of a smartphone. Two cameras film the front area. One of these is a thermal imaging camera that is capable of measuring the body temperature of people. The normal camera is designed for facial recognition. It automatically detects the forehead on which the temperature is measured. This is important for high repeatability. The 7-inch display continuously shows the current images from both cameras.

An alarm is also part of the system. It emits both acoustic and optical signals. For example, the scanner emits a signal when a person has been scanned without a mask or with an elevated temperature. In the event of an alarm, an e-mail can also be sent if desired. The voice output can be recorded and output individually in the preferred language. The access control with temperature measurement can be mounted directly on a wall or placed on a table or on columns with led strips. For all options the necessary installation material is supplied.

Technical possibilities of the 4-in-1 face scanner

The system is designed for quick measurement and identification in entrance areas. The complete check does not require any interaction and runs while passing by. The measuring distance to the device may be between 45 and 150 cm. This is a big advantage compared to infrared thermometers where the distance is much smaller (0-5cm). The temperature measurement as well as the face recognition require less than 0.2 seconds. The body temperature is detected with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius.

The system has an integrated database. The measured information is stored and compared in this database. In addition to the measured temperature, the time of the check is also recorded. A comparison with a personnel list is possible via the database. Up to 50,000 different face profiles can be stored in the database. Thus, the face scanner simultaneously becomes a system for time recording, if desired. This enables fast and fully automated entry checks, even in larger companies.

The system allows you to individually determine which factors are checked. For example, the face scanner can simultaneously measure temperature, check whether a mask is being worn, scan and match the facial profile and record the time in the database. Alternatively, only individual ones of these points are scanned. When it comes to facial recognition, the system works with a hit rate of 99.9 percent. Even persons wearing a mask can be identified. Here, the recognition rate is still over 90 percent.

Possible applications for the 4-in-1 face scanner atf-1612-u

The system is primarily intended for entrance checks. In this function, the application possibilities are wide-ranging. Companies use the face scanner at the main entrance and simultaneously record the presence and identify unauthorized persons. In public areas, the focus is on the temperature control of the scanner. Schools, public transport or even airports use such systems to perform quick and automatic health checks. With the mask requirement, supermarkets and similar retailers can also use the face scanner to ensure that only customers wearing a hygiene mask enter the store.

The major advantage of the system is the high degree of automation. All functions are available without staff, so the 4-in-1 face scanner operates autonomously throughout the day. Another advantage is the passive technology. People passing through the entrance control do not have to interact with the system. All measurements run automatically. Also advantageous, especially in connection with diseases, is the contactless technology. Other temperature control solutions require personnel to take measurements or direct contact with a measuring device. This always increases the risk of transmission. However, as the 4-in-1 face scanner atf-1612-u works completely without direct contact, the spread of viruses via the system is excluded.

Interaction with the system: multilingual and multifunctional

The system also has numerous interfaces. A connection to a computer is possible either via usb or rs-232. Alternatively, the system is integrated directly into a network via rj45 and can be addressed via tcp/ip. This allows remote control as well as live monitoring. The images and database data can, for example, be viewed in real time from a central monitoring room.

Data protection

Saving of images can be disabled and all data is processed locally on the device and not forwarded. In addition, the resolution of the images can be changed to 1x1 pixel and the images are not further recognizable.