Fever detection in the twinkling of an eye

In the current uncertain situation due to covid-19 and the population's need for freedom of movement, the Entrance Control AFT-1612 Support to quickly and effectively measure all people entering and leaving a building for body temperature. It also verifies compliance with an existing mask requirement as needed.

What can the atf-1612 access control do?

The device measures body temperature within 0.1 seconds using a thermal imaging camera. Optionally it checks the compliance of a possible mask obligation by a dual camera system.

Why do I need a control at the entrance?

In institutions with many visitors or a large company, the entrance control provides support to detect fever in real time and thus ensure a fluid admission of people.

How reliable is the data?

The device is designed for initial evaluation indoors and measures in the range of 35-45 degrees with a reliability of +/-0.3 degrees at a distance of up to 1.2 meters.

What does the device look like in use?

The azb foundation in Strengelbach currently has two access controls in use. One device is located at the entrance to the administration building of the azb foundation and measures the body temperature of staff and visitors under their own responsibility. Another device is integrated into the accompanied "sluice" for the overall health check of the people with support needs working in the sheltered workshop as well as in the vocational integration. Combined with appropriate signalling and application instructions at both stations, correct handling is ensured.

Why did you choose the access control atf-1612?

Managing Director Foundation azb, Strengelbach, Mr. Rötheli:
"It is important for us to have an uncomplicated and reliable measurement, with which all people entering the building can be recorded and, if a fever is present, held back before entry."

How satisfied are you with this?

Managing Director of azb Foundation, Strengelbach, Mr Rötheli:
"The two devices could be configured quickly for our conditions and allow a pragmatic implementation of our expectations for an extended temperature control at the entrance. After a few days, the measurement was part of the normal procedure when entering the buildings."

Managing Director Tosag Engineering ag, Mr. Schärer:
"Various facilities such as retirement and nursing homes but also a commercial enterprise appreciate the support of our entrance control. The device measures the body temperature of a person within 0.1 seconds and thus relieves the staff. Furthermore, it is an additional protection for the residents without having to do without contacts from the outside. The satisfaction of our customers who have the device in use is great, which we are very pleased about."

Eingangskontrolle aft-1612