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Digital force gauge (High accuracy)
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Digital force gauges
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Force gauges
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Voltmeter with dial gauge
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Force gauges - versatile systems for tension and compression measurements

The maximum measuring load of such a Force gauge is between 500 and 20,000 Newton, depending on the test setup and model. However, even very small forces in a range of up to 0.01 Newton can be measured with these devices. Thus the application possibilities are very versatile. The precision mechanics industry uses such measuring devices, as do companies in the electronics industry or laboratories that specialize in determining force effects. For example, a force gauge can be used to set the spring pressure or measure the contact force between two relays.

Mobile force gauges as well as gauges for permanent test environments

One advantage of the measuring devices is their compact dimensions. The complete systems weigh less than half a kilogram and are correspondingly handy. Also, no power connection is required for operation, as the devices use batteries as power sources. This allows the measuring devices to be used anywhere. In addition, the systems are quickly ready for use, which is an advantage in practice.

With a Measuring stand for force gauges the mobile measuring device into a comprehensive test workstation. The measuring device is temporarily fixed in the measuring stand for force gauges. Particularly accurate tensile and compressive force measurements can then be made at this test workstation. Both vertical and horizontal measurements are possible here. With a dead weight of more than ten kilograms, the measuring stands provide a safe and firm footing. The stands allow travels of up to 200 mm and, thanks to a precise handwheel, very fine adjustments are possible.

Digital or analogue measuring devices

There are systems with analogue display as well as models with digital technology. The analogue devices with a scale are particularly uncomplicated to use. They do not require a power source and measure with an accuracy of up to +/- 1 percent. It is also possible to determine the maximum peak value with these devices or to carry out measurements with a moving display.

The digital force gauges on the other hand, stand out mainly due to the extended functions on the display. Measurements can be made in different units, for example in mn, n, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf or MPa. The digital technology also enables different measurement procedures. In addition to the measured peak value, the current load can be shown as a concurrent display or the device displays the lower and upper peak values including an evaluation.

The digital measuring systems have an accuracy of +/- 0.3 percent. Precision force gauges are available for particularly high requirements. These measure with a maximum deviation of +/- 0.2 percent. Depending on the model, the digital measuring devices also have an internal memory for up to 1000 measured values. With the aid of a USB cable, these data can also be transferred to a computer via the interface. The software included with the meter can then be used to manage the measurement data.

Extend the range of functions with accessories

A wide range of accessories is available for the force gauges, which can be used to expand or individualize the range of applications. Many measuring devices already come with a comprehensive set of accessories. These include various attachments that determine which type of object is tested on the force gauge. For compression tests, there are heads with flat or pointed ends to make either area or point measurements. There are also V-prism or knife-edge tips, which are also used for compression tests. Tension hooks, on the other hand, are used to directly attach objects and perform tensile tests. Extension pins make it possible to perform precise measurements in certain positions.

In addition, you can find further optional accessories for the measuring devices at insize. These include, for example, the portable thermal printer. This is connected directly to the measuring device and allows to provide the measurement data on the spot in paper form.