Height gauges

Buying a high quality altimeter

The advantage of a digital display is the accuracy of the reading. A little practice is required for the exact reading of analogue measuring devices. Depending on the viewing angle and given lighting conditions, reading errors can occur in individual cases. A significant advantage with an analogue height caliper is that batteries never have to be used. These devices always work.

Special features of the height gauges

High quality Height gauges of this type are also equipped with a scribe at the same time. Therefore, these are sometimes also called height markers. This is a great advantage, because there is no need for an additional Scribing needle is required. If the height is measured with a measuring device and then marked with a scriber, inaccuracies often occur. For this reason, it is much better if a height scriber can not only be used for measuring, but also for marking at the same time. The tips used for marking are made of specially hardened steel. Therefore, they also have a long service life

Another important feature is the possibility of using a given height measurement as a zero setting. This makes it very easy to measure and mark distances. To read off the measurements, the device should be able to be converted from millimeters to inches. In this case, the measurements do not have to be constantly converted with a calculator.

Height calipers in different sizes

Since not all workpieces to be machined are small, measuring devices are available for different measuring ranges. In many cases, it is also necessary to measure large workpieces with a high degree of precision. For this reason, there are devices with measuring ranges from 0 to 150 millimeters. But there are also considerably larger Height gauges are also available. The measuring range for these is between 0 and 2000 millimeters. Between the rather small and the large measuring devices, however, there are countless other specimens that are suitable for different measuring ranges.

Height gauges with appropriate accuracy

Not only the size of the measuring range is important, but also the precision. Particularly in modern manufacturing processes, high precision of the measuring equipment is becoming increasingly important. There are areas in mechanics where workpieces must be manufactured with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters. Many measuring devices can achieve such precision. However, since in many areas a much higher precision is required, we also offer devices that can measure to an accuracy of 0.03 millimeters.