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Inside measuring devices are indispensable in precision mechanics

Anyone who works in areas that require accurate internal measurements absolutely needs an internal measuring device. These devices are available in numerous variants. Besides a classic inside micrometer there is also a Two-point measuring device or a Three-point measuring device. In addition, these devices are available with both analog and digital displays. Of course, which measuring device is suitable always depends on the types of internal measurements to be performed.

The classic inside micrometer

With such a gauge it is easy to determine inside diameters or also the inside dimensions of grooves. As a rule, the measuring surfaces are specially hardened to reduce or even completely avoid abrasion. Even minimal abrasion would falsify the measuring result.
The rotating spindles are usually equipped with slip clutches. This is very useful because otherwise precise measurements would no longer be possible. The measuring ranges of the Inside micrometer are less than hundredths of a millimetre. However, there are numerous different designs. Some of these gauges can be used in ranges as large as 5000 millimeters or even larger. For much smaller workpieces there are also Inside micrometers are available that cover a measuring range of up to 25 millimeters.
A high quality inside micrometer can therefore be used for every possible application. In many companies, complete sets can be found with which workpieces of different sizes can be measured with the highest precision.

A two-point gauge or a three-point gauge

A Two-point measuring device is primarily used to determine exact internal dimensions. These do not only have to be diameters, but can also be internal dimensions of a wide variety of workpieces. In addition to bores, it can also be used to check milling work precisely. In many areas of mechanics, high fitting accuracy is essential. Therefore, precise measuring instruments are very important.
An even wider range of applications is offered by Three-point encoders. With these, depth measurements can be carried out in addition to the usual internal measurements. These devices are also available with an accuracy of up to 0.001 millimeters. They are also available for workpieces of different sizes. For all areas of precision mechanics, both a two-point measuring device and a three-point measuring device are available.

Useful accessories for all internal gauges

The range of application of all measuring devices of this type can be extended by the use of Accessories further increased by the use of accessories. Besides different sized Measuring bolts are also available Thread measuring inserts or special extensions are available. The range of useful accessories and extensions is very extensive

It is always particularly important to have a precise internal measuring device also functions reliably over many years. With frequent use, wear and tear can never be completely avoided on the mechanical components. But this is not a problem at all. With the appropriate Calibration devices and adjustment devices, wear and tear can always be compensated for. This is also the reason why high quality high-quality measuring instruments perform their service reliably for decades.