Microscopes and magnifiers from tosag - versatile viewing devices

Magnifiers and microscopes are used for optical measurement as well as magnification. There are many different devices for the various tasks in this field. These are specifically designed for the respective requirement profile and thus always provide the features you need. The tosag range offers a wide selection of magnifiers and microscopes of all kinds. Starting with simple magnifiers for quick optical inspection up to digital microscopes for very precise analyses.

Simple magnifiers for quick checks

The magnifier represents the entry-level device in the optical inspection equipment segment. With a magnifying glass, you can enlarge objects or texts quickly and easily. Small magnifiers in particular are always at hand, for example in your shirt pocket. The folding magnifiers are particularly practical here. By folding the magnifier, you protect the glass from mechanical damage such as scratches. Such magnifiers usually allow magnifications with a factor of 2.5 to 10.0. Furthermore, many magnifiers offer special features that ensure better use. For example, at tosag you will find magnifiers with light. This simplifies optical observation and makes it possible to see objects clearly even in low natural light. Power is supplied by batteries, so that nothing stands in the way of mobile use. There are also magnifiers with a stand that can be set up stationary at a workstation. This ensures improved and faster processing when, for example, recurring inspections are carried out on similar or identical objects in production.

Microscopes with different features

The microscope, on the other hand, features adjustable magnifications and expanded capabilities. For example, microscopes typically offer a zoom in a range from 0.75x to 20x. tosag offers many different variants of microscopes for different applications. With a material microscope with a particularly high magnification factor, you can observe objects in great detail. For these tasks tosag offers microscopes with a 100x or even 230x magnification. A digital microscope has a different mode of operation than conventional microscopes. Instead of an eyepiece, a digital microscope has a digital camera that is used to view the object. You adjust the zoom and focus using adjusting wheels to get perfectly sharp images. A digital microscope allows you to evaluate object observations in different ways. On the one hand, you can view the images directly on the microscope. On the other hand, these models have interfaces. You can connect a computer or a monitor to these, for example. On the one hand, this allows you to view the images directly and in great detail on a large screen. It is also possible for several people to evaluate the images simultaneously. On the other hand, you can easily archive the images thanks to this feature. The digital images can be stored directly on a hard disk or other medium. Digital microscopes are therefore superior to analogue versions for inspection, analysis and documentation in many areas.

Special microscopes and accessories for optical measurement

In addition, you will also find microscopes for scientific applications as well as very special tasks in the tosag range. A metallurgical microscope, for example, is specially designed for the optical measurement of objects made of metal. It allows you to view the cross-section of such objects in particular detail. For this purpose, metallurgical microscopes have high-resolution objectives and allow short measuring distances.

tosag also offers microscopes that you can use on the road. These mobile microscopes are characterised by their low weight and compact design. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without any of the features that you also find in the floor-standing models. The object illumination is provided by energy-efficient LEDs, which are powered by batteries. In this way, you can work for many hours independently of a power source. The digital mobile microscopes offer special functions. They have interfaces with which you can, for example, establish a connection to a laptop. This is possible both via usb with a cable and wirelessly via Wi-Fi. With such a device, you not only view objects regardless of location, you also record videos or images. You can view objects directly on a laptop or evaluate the recordings conveniently at a later time in the office.

Furthermore, tosag also offers the appropriate accessories for all variants of microscopes. These include, for example, retrofittable digital cameras. These also include the appropriate software to control the camera and save images.