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Particularly precise measurement with the outside micrometer

High precision is required for many types of work in mechanics or model making. Then the Outside micrometerswhich are also known as Micrometer are used. With such a gauge, measurements can be made accurately in a range down to 0.001 millimeters.

How a micrometer screw works

There is a spindle on one side of a bracket. This spindle can be easily operated with a handle. The workpiece to be measured is precisely measured between one end of the bracket and this spindle. On the handle there is a graduation in millimetres. As the spindle is provided with a fine thread, there is also a radial graduation. This is accurate to hundredths of a millimetre.
With such an exact measurement, there is always a risk that a falsified measurement result will be determined because the amount of force is not appropriate. For this reason, high-quality Micrometer screws are provided with a slip clutch.

Different versions of micrometers

Micrometers with a digital display are particularly easy to use. The display is easy to read and also very accurate. However, there are also micrometers with a scale display. These are also very suitable for carrying out precise measurements in damp conditions. Since on these Micrometer screws electronics are not present, no oxidation or similar problems can occur.
Furthermore, there are differences in the measuring ranges. The smallest versions have measuring ranges between 0 and 25 millimeters. The largest measuring devices of this type are capable of exact measurements between 900 and 1000 millimetres. Of course, there are numerous intermediate sizes to choose from. For this reason, it is possible to find a suitable Micrometer gauge for every conceivable application.

Special versions of micrometer gauges

With a Micrometer is not only used to measure outside diameters or lengths of various workpieces. Especially in the field of precision mechanics, frequent measurements of internal diameters are also required. For such tasks Inside micrometers or also built-in micrometers are available for such tasks. These are also available in many different measuring ranges.
Built-in micrometers are available in measuring ranges between 0 and 5 millimeters and also from 0 to 50 millimeters. Similar measuring ranges are also common for inside micrometers. There are also Depth gauges with measuring ranges of up to 300 millimeters.

The right gauge for every mechanic

Whether it is an Inside micrometera Micrometer or a Micrometer does not matter. Everyone who needs such precise measuring devices for his work or hobby will find a suitable device. Almost all devices are available in different measuring ranges. This means that both small workpieces and much larger workpieces can be measured with the highest precision. Particularly noteworthy about all devices is the high quality of the material and workmanship.