Radius gauge

Digital radius gauge, large diameters
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Digital radius meter
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Circumferential belt measure
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Radius gauges from tosag - precise tools for determining outer and inner radii

There are also multifunctional tools with which you can carry out both tasks. tosag offers you a wide selection of these tools. The focus is primarily on particularly precise and durable tools that are required in material testing. Therefore, you can fully rely on a diameter tester from tosag and obtain very precise measurement results.

Analogue or digital measurements - the right radius gauge for every area of application

With the shape of the Radius gauges and their type of application, there are sometimes very large differences. Very simple and fast measurements are possible with a Circumference measuring tape. This is designed to determine the outer circumference or the diameter of an object. The circumference measuring tapes in the tosag range are made of stainless steel. They are therefore durable, hard-wearing and measure very accurately. With such a manual tape you can determine circumference or diameter with an accuracy of up to 0.5 mm. tosag has Circumference measuring tapes in different sizes. You will find fine tools designed for measuring ranges between 20 and 300 mm diameter, as well as circumference measuring tapes that provide you with a working range of up to 3460 mm circumference.

If you want to measure a circumference even more precisely, a digital diameter gauge is the right choice. This form of radius gauge has a display that immediately shows the measured values. The digital measurement allows particularly accurate values. For example, the accuracy is +/- 0.01 r. Such a digital Diameter gauge is suitable for determining both inside and outside diameters. Depending on the model, it is possible with these precision tools to measure diameters and radii in a range between 5 and 6000 mm. Some models come with different measuring bridges. Through these it is possible to adapt the measuring device to the current requirements. Thanks to this feature, you get a very accurate and at the same time multifunctional precision tool.