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Scales - helpful measuring instruments in many situations

Electronic scales with different features

The electronic scales as a table model is the classic representative among the compact scales. They are needed in trade, craft or in laboratories. At the same time, there are sometimes great differences between the various electronic scales. A central point is the weighing range. This determines for which objects the electronic scales are primarily suitable. Scales for small, light objects are designed up to a maximum of 300 g. For heavy objects, on the other hand, there are electronic scales that are suitable for weights of up to 6,000 g.

A big advantage of electronic scales is the digital display with its numerous positive features. These include, above all, that the measured values can be read very easily. In addition, the displays are very precise and sometimes show the values with several decimal places. For example, the scales have a resolution of 0.01 g and can measure objects with a net weight of 0.02 g.

With such an electric scale with digital display is not only weighing possible. You can also count and tare at the same time. Zeroing the display is helpful for this. The scales also have a key for counting. Furthermore, the scales allow you to switch between the units gram, carat and troy ounce. Thus, jewelers and similar professions will find suitable scales for daily use.
Another interesting function is the data output, which some scales have. With a special cable, it is possible to establish a direct connection to a computer via the rs-232 interface. Thus, the measured values can be transmitted directly digitally and archived on the PC as well as used further.

Counting scales for special tasks

At first sight the Counting scale electronic scales. In fact, it also enables the same basic functions. In addition, it is designed for a very special form of weighing, namely calculating the ratio of quantity to weight. For this purpose the Counting scales have three displays. On one display, the weight of the current measured object(s) is shown as usual. Using the control panels, the number of objects can now be confirmed and the scale shows the weight of a single object on the middle display. After the scale has determined the individual weight of an object, any number of other objects with the same mass can be placed on the scale. The scale now not only measures the total weight, but also updates the number of pieces that are now on the weighing surface.

The counting scale has the usual functions for zero setting as well as tare. This makes it possible to insert intermediate steps as well as to use a container for counting, which is automatically ignored. The counting scales are available with weighing ranges up to 30 kg. They are designed for part weights of minimum 4, 10 or 20 g.

Precision scales and scales with oiml certificate

With a Precision scales it is possible to make very accurate measurements. On the one hand, the precision scales are calibrated very accurately, on the other hand, the display is also designed to show numbers with a particularly large number of decimal places. The digital display of the Precision scales. On the one hand, it shows precise measured values. On the other hand, digital numbers are easy to read and additionally a backlight helps.

Practical is the function to automatically deduct the container weight. This makes it easier to weigh objects that are packed or packaged in the process. The precision scales are available for loads up to 30 kg. Even objects weighing this much are weighed accurately to within one gram. The precision scales offer all the functions familiar from electronic scales with digital displays. These include zero setting, automatic switch-off and a display with backlight.

When it is a matter of determining particularly exact measured values, the Scales with oiml certificate are the right option. The certificate is issued by the International Organization of Legal Metrology. It certifies that the scale has a specific measuring device design and meets prescribed standards for accuracy. They have a numerical increment of 2x3000e and are also available with weighing ranges from 3 to 30 kg.

Scales for industrial applications

Specially designed for use on a load crane is the Crane scale is designed for use on a load crane. It is suspended from the crane and in turn has a hook to which loads are attached. The crane scales have a digital display with large digits. Thus, the measured weight can be read easily even from a distance. At the same time, the hook and bracket can be rotated 360 degrees. Thanks to this feature the Crane scale can be seen from all sides and is particularly practical in use.

The crane scales are characterised by their high maximum load. This is a maximum of 300 kg, although there are also models with 50 and 150 kg load capacity. The minimum load is between 400 g and 2000 g. An overload is indicated by an alarm signal. The scale is designed to withstand a safe overload of 125 percent of the maximum load without damage. The display of the scale is battery operated. This ensures that the scale can be used independently of the power supply. With one set of batteries an operating time of up to 40 hours is possible. Furthermore, the scale switches off automatically if it is not used for a certain time. The reaction time of the scale is less than eight seconds. This allows measurements of heavy objects to be carried out at very short intervals.

The crane scale is ready for use even under adverse conditions. For example, the temperature range in which the scale can be used extends from -10 to + 40 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity may be between 30 and 90 percent. The robust housing is made of an aluminium alloy and is therefore rustproof. In addition, there is a remote control. With this all functions of the scale are controllable. This also includes the conversion between kg and lb.