Surface profile measuring machine
Measuring range X-axis: 140mm, Z-axis: ±20mm

Item number: SPM-1000

Category: Surface profile measuring machine

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  • Measuring range X-axis: 140mm
  • Resolution X-axis: 0.2?m
  • Straightness X-axis: 0.8?m/100mm
  • X-axis travel speed: 0.1 - 10mm/s
  • Measuring range Z-axis: ±20mm
  • Resolution Z-axis: 0.05?m
  • Z-axis travel speed: 0.5 - 10mm/s
  • Linear accuracy: ±(1.5+i0.2hi)?m, h is the measuring height in mm
  • Angular measurement accuracy: ±2`
  • Circular arc measurement accuracy: ±(2+r/8)?m, r is the radius of the calibration sphere 2 - 10mm
  • radius of the probe tip: 25?m
  • Direction of travel: backwards
  • Measuring force: 0.69 - 0.98mN
  • Unit of measurement: mm/inch
  • Traversing angle: 72° (upwards), 87° (downwards)
  • Drive: Motor
  • Travel Z-axis: 400mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxh): 1200x700x1780mm
  • Power supply: 220v ±5%, 50hz
  • Weight: 320kg

The profile and contour measuring machine - a comprehensive system for surface measurements

The contour and profile measuring machines are specially designed for measuring profiles and contours. These are high-precision systems designed for testing and inspection tasks with high requirements. Are and purpose of the measurements is to create digital data with high resolution. in the profile measuring machine different objects can be measured. Cylinders, tubes or even complex shapes such as a shaft can be placed in the device. With its extensive functions, the system is suitable for extremely precise production controls as well as for reverse engineering.

Precise measurements at a versatile workstation

The profile measuring machine is designed for permanent use at a test workstation. The entire system weighs 320 kilograms. The dimensions are 1200 mm in length, 700 mm in width and 1780 mm in height. A computer system including screen as well as special software for control and evaluation are also part of the contour measuring machine. Thus, the system is ready for operation immediately after assembly and offers numerous functions.

The scope of delivery also includes a vice and an object table. These help with the placement of objects in the profile measuring machine. The measuring range of the x-axis is 140 mm, while the z-axis can be measured with +/- 20 mm and a traverse path of 400 mm. The traverse speed on the x-axis can be between 0.1 and 10 mm/s. On the z-axis the speed is between 0.5 and 10 mm/s. The probe can be moved in three dimensions and thus measures a wide variety of shapes. All movements are made with the aid of a motor, so that precise and complex measuring sequences are possible without any problems. The power supply is provided by a standard household 220 v power connection.

The advantages of the contour measuring machine in practice

A major advantage of the system is its high precision. The resolution on the z-axis is 0.05 ?m, while the resolution of the x-axis is 0.2 ?m. The angular measurement accuracy is +/- 2 degrees. The system has a linear accuracy of +/- (1.5 + i 0.2hi) ?m, where h represents the measurement height in mm. Measurements of contours and profiles are therefore extremely precise. The system is capable of taking multi-dimensional measurements and displaying them. Pure contour profiles can also be created. The radius of the probe tip is only 25 ?m, so that even the finest contours can be detected and measured.

Furthermore, the creation of digital data is a strength of the system. All profile or contour data are created directly in digital form. The integrated software takes over both the provision of the data and the control of the measuring probe. At the same time, the measured values are available in real time. The software also visualizes this data so that a true-to-scale representation of the profile is immediately visible on the display. In addition, measurements can be made directly in the software. Different positions can be marked and the distance between them or differences in height can be determined. Angle measurements are also possible according to this principle. The measurement data is transferred to any computer system via the data interface. The output format can be freely selected between xy, txt, csv as well as some others. Thus it is possible to receive the measurement data directly in a format that is useful for further use. In this way the system integrates seamlessly into an existing iT structure.

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Product weight: 400,00 Kg
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