Test plates and prisms

Measuring and control plates in granite hardstone from INSIZE

Our assortment includes Measuring plates in several different sizes. Starting with Granite plates with a length of 300 mm and a width of 200 mm our offer reaches up to plates with outer dimensions of 2000 mm in the length and 1500 mm in the width. The height of the slabs varies between 60 and 250 mm.

Granite is particularly well suited as a raw material for these slabs. The wear-resistant natural stone is abrasion-resistant and extremely durable. In addition, granite is antistatic and antimagnetic, which is a basic requirement in various test environments. The stones have a high vibration damping capacity and are extremely dimensionally stable even under high loads. We achieve this stability primarily by using particularly thick plates.

Consistent quality for exact measurements

Thanks to the high precision in our production, our products are especially suitable for equipping a measuring station. All our Measuring plates meet the strict standard according to din 876. din sets standards for the smoothness of the surface. Our plates are finely ground and have the smallest possible variations over the entire surface. For our small panels, for example, this is less than 2.7 micrometres. We supply both Control plates in accordance with din 876 o, which are designed for workshops, as well as particularly precise Granite slabs according to din 876 oo. These also meet the strict requirements imposed by laboratories and testing authorities.

Our slabs can be used without restriction in a wide range of environmental conditions. Granite as a particularly hard material guarantees durability. At the same time, temperature fluctuations and other environmental influences have no effect on the plates that would impair the measurement results. The value of the plates can also be seen in their weight. While the smallest measuring plate in our range weighs eleven kilograms, the largest control plate weighs 2,250 kilograms. This plate is designed for loads of up to 1.5 tonnes.

Our accessories for control and measuring plates

Our assortment also includes the appropriate accessories with which a complete measuring station can be set up. We deliver the suitable Underframes for granite measuring plates. These are also available in different sizes, matching our plate dimensions. The frames are equipped with support bolts. The granite measuring plates are placed on these bolts, which cushions the plates. The adjustable feet of the frames allow the working height to be conveniently adjusted. In addition, we offer the bases for granite measuring plates in different heights. Our assortment thus covers a working table height from 755 to 1,025 mm.

Furthermore our assortment also includes Parallel bases made of granite. The supports have the same properties as a Measuring plate. Thus, the parallel underlays are also resistant to fluctuations due to temperature and environmental influences and are extremely durable. We also attach great importance to the highest precision of the underlays. The pair has height differences of no more than three micrometers. In this way, a level measuring station can be set up. Of course, we also manufacture granite slabs for measuring stations on customer request. You can send us individual dimensions and we will manufacture a Granite control plate exactly according to your ideas.