Torque wrench

Digital Torque Screwdriver
404,50 CHF *
Digital torque tester
starting from 1.115,00 CHF *
Digital torque adapter
starting from 368,35 CHF *
Digital torque device for bottle caps
starting from 2.080,00 CHF *
Digital torque wrench
starting from 301,10 CHF *
Digital torque wrench with interchangeable head
starting from 341,20 CHF *
Digital torque wrench with wireless data transmission
starting from 856,85 CHF *
Digital torque wrench with small force range
starting from 333,45 CHF *
Digital torque wrench with short handle
starting from 320,50 CHF *
Digital Measuring Torque Wrench
starting from 735,35 CHF *
Digital Angle Torque Wrench
starting from 453,65 CHF *
Torque screwdriver
starting from 171,90 CHF *
Torque screwdriver
starting from 177,05 CHF *
Torque wrench
starting from 127,69 CHF *
Torque wrench
Price on application
Torque wrench with interchangeable head
starting from 174,46 CHF *
Torque wrench with dial gauge
starting from 193,85 CHF *
Test bench for torque wrench
2.265,00 CHF *

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Applying a controlled torque - Torque wrenches and torque meters of the highest quality

In order to guarantee a tight and stable screw connection on the one hand, and a controlled application of force to bolts and threads on the other, precise tools are of great importance here. Thus, the wide range of products revolves around torque: From Wrenches, Screwdrivers with short or long handle as well as torque measuring instruments up to Bottle cap torque device

Torque wrenches with different measuring ranges - analogue or digital

The product portfolio ranges from wrenches with conventional analogue scales to digital, wireless variants. The orientation of the wrench head can also be selected between straight and angled. The analogue scale versions have an adjustment range from just a few newtons up to 1 kilonewton. These are more suitable for coarse motor work, where it is nevertheless important to maintain a certain torque. Depending on the setting range, they offer accuracies of +/- 4%.
For those who like it a little more precise, also with regard to the reading accuracy, there is a wide range of wrenches with digital display available. The force range here already starts at one Newton. In addition, it is possible to conveniently switch between American and metric units. In addition, leds and acoustic signals indicate that the set torque has been reached. As an alternative to this working mode, the user can also simply let the display run. In this way, the prevailing torque is displayed and can be checked by the user. In this context there is even a Bottle cap torque measuring device. Here, the clamping and opening force of bottle caps can be measured digitally

The correct setting and quality of the tools is what counts

All products are manufactured according to the current state of the art. For example, the analog wrenches are manufactured in accordance with iso 6789 and asme b107.300.-2010. So that the Torque wrench and other torque tools can also be tested or adjusted directly, the product portfolio also includes a digital torque tester digital torque tester. In addition to a load cell with converter, which can be applied with a clockwise and counterclockwise torque, this consists of an evaluation and display unit with an analogue display. Here, too, there are the two working modes of running display and peak value. Here, too, different units such as nm,, as well as can be selected. The display accuracy of the device is +/- 1% of the respective measured value. At the same time, up to 250 values can be stored in the memory. The device can also be conveniently connected to the PC via a usb cable and the corresponding software.