Torx®, 6-Lobe, Torx Plus®, 6-Lobe extra and iso 10664

Again and again we are confronted with questions about the differences between Torx®, 6-Lobe and iso 10664 confronted.
With this page we want to briefly cover and explain this topic. Understandably, we cannot publish any standards here.

In the last few years the term Torx® has become very popular. However, star drives are often designated with Torx® which are not Torx® at all. Although the differences between
Torx and iso 10664 are sometimes small, this can lead to serious errors.

Torx®: The protected brand name since 1968

Torx® is a protected brand name of the company Camcar / Textron, which was taken over by Acument about 20 years ago. The patents for Torx® and Torx Plus® expired 5-8 years ago. The brand names Torx® and Torx Plus®
are still protected. In order to use the name, license fees must be paid accordingly.

6-Lobe: The license-free drive

6-Lobe is nothing else than an unprotected and license-free name for Torx®. The dimensional similarity to Torx® is 100%. The use of 6-Lobe gauges instead of
Torx® gauges must always be checked against the company's internal regulations.

iso 10664: The hexagon socket

The International Organization for Standardization has also dealt with screw drives. Thus the standard iso 10664 was created in 1988,
which is commonly known as Hexagon socket is commonly referred to. Basically one can claim that when a medical technology manufacturer speaks of Torx® products
speaks of Torx® products, there is a mistake. In medical technology, the iso 10664 standard has become established. There again in the meantime innumerable special versions or with in-house tolerance limits.

Torx plus® = 6-Lobe extra

The drives Torx Plus® and Six-Lobe extra are again identical in dimensions. However, Torx Plus® is also subject to a licence, while Six-lobe extra is licence-free.

Gauges for screws

Consequently, great care must be taken to ensure that the correct gauges are used for Torx® 6-Lobe, Torx Plus®, 6-Lobe extra or iso 10664.
For specific information such as dimensions, tolerances for 6-Lobe or iso 10664, please contact us.

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