VM-40 Formfedermaschine für Drahtdurchmesser von 1.6-4.0mm

Artikelnummer: VM-40

Kategorie: Torsions- und Formfedermaschinen

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A torsion machine with 16-axis control for wire diameters of 1.6 mm to 4.0 mm

  • Equipped with 16 standard axes: feed, feed front/back, quill rotation, wire rotation, top table left/right, bottom table left/right, various slides, and 2 R servo slides.
  • Deep with a long slide stroke, providing a wide clearance space.

  • Mechanical parts

  • The feed unit rotation mechanism of the VM series enables high-speed, smooth wire rotation as a result of its small moment of inertia. This is because the center of gravity is the wire line, which is also the center of rotation.
  • The feed unit has an integrated quill and is controlled to move forward and backward.
  • The main table is divided into top and bottom halves, and each half moves left and right. The initial tension axis, making pitch, tool groove alignment, etc. are set in the program.
  • Enables a wide clearance space with a quill depth of 120 mm and slide stroke of 140 mm.
  • The body slide has a newly-developed 1-motor twin slide, enabling up to 4 processing tools to be attached.

  • Dedicated MNO Program for Spring Production

  • Easy operations for quicker preparation.
  • High resolution for controlling the latest servo motors.
  • Allows varied control based on measurement results, such as the pitch and diameter.
  • Common program for both torsion machines and coiling machines.
  • Includes a motor sensor system.
  • Versatile production management screen and production data collection function.

  • Optional Equipment

  • IS-1 shape detection unit with camera

  • Durchmesser: 1.6-4.0mm