WH-16 2 Finger Druckfedermaschine 0.5-1.6mm

Artikelnummer: WH-16

Kategorie: Druckfedermaschinen

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5-point coiling machine with a wire diameter of 0.5 to 1.6 mm

  • Enables easy setup and high-accuracy, high-speed production of springs.
  • The clockwise/counterclockwise direction can be switched simply by configuring a setting in the program.
  • An optional rotation point servo and initial tension servo can be added to the coiling point.
  • The alignment of the cut tool and core does not require readjustment after being decided once.
  • One-touch switching between oscillating cut and straight cut. The oscillating cut bearing (oscillation) can be freely adjusted.
  • An optional slip sensor is provided for detecting slips when feeding
  • Includes our newly-developed specialist MNO program for spring production, enabling simple and precise operations.

  • Dedicated MNO Program for Spring Production

  • Easy operations for quicker preparation.
  • High resolution for controlling the latest servo motors.
  • Compatible with compression spring creation programs based on line graphs.
  • Allows varied control based on measurement results, such as the pitch and diameter.
  • Common program for both torsion machines and coiling machines.
  • Includes a motor sensor system.
  • Versatile production management screen and production data collection function.

  • Newly-developed rotation point servo

  • Our new WH-16 point unit includes a rotating servo.
  • Select the adjustment method of your choice (1st pin or 2nd pin can be selected).
  • You can also select a different servo for both the 1st pin and 2nd pin and use them in conjunction.

  • Taper synchronization constant

  • Enables the taper tilt to be managed with a value from 0 to 100.
  • Suitable for load adjustment in addition to shape adjustment, as fine adjustment can be performed in 100 levels.

  • Parts for 2-point mechanism

  • All fine-adjustment mechanisms have scale marks to improve reproducibility and ease of fine adjustment.
  • Cut operations use a crank mechanism to achieve high-speed production.
  • Coiling pin adjustment features an oscillating mechanism.

  • Optional Equipment

  • Initial tension servo unit
  • Slip sensor to detect slips in wire feeding
  • Rotation point servo (rotation operations)
  • IS-1 shape detection unit with camera

  • Durchmesser: 0.5-1.6mm