Zugfedermaschine CLS-10v
Zugfedermaschine 0.12-1.0mm

Artikelnummer: CLS-10v

Kategorie: Zugfedermaschinen

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Enables high-speed production of extension springs with a beautiful hook shape.

  • A dedicated machine for extension springs with a wire diameter of 0.12 mm to 1.0 mm.
  • Produces a more beautiful hook shape than any other machines.
  • Enables a much higher speed of production than general torsion machines.
  • Programs for a wide variety of hooks are provided.

  • Beautiful hook shape

  • The CLS-10V can produce English hooks, German hooks, U hooks, side hooks, and Indian hooks.
  • Enables creation of extended hooks in which the two hooks are wound together neatly.
  • Enables processing without a straight line at the end of the cut.
  • Enables processing without an opening at the end of the cut.

  • High-speed production

  • Maximum production speed of 120 items per minute ? a much greater production volume than standard (quill type) torsion machines.

  • Optional Equipment

  • IS-1X shape detection unit with camera 6-point simultaneous measurement with 2 cameras

  • Durchmesser: 0.12-1.0mm